Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new url

i changed the url to our blog.
if you want to keep following our little family, click on:




five hundred. 500. D. quinientos. 五百. fem hundrede. cinq cents. fünfhundert.

this is my 500th blog post!! that's kind of crazy if you ask me.

wasted time? maybe.
boring posts? probably.
embarrassing antics? yup.
too much information? depends on who you ask.
lots of fun? for me, at least.

this blog started off as a digital window of sorts so our family and friends could peek inside and keep up with us as we moved far, far away to the sunny california coast. it still is that digital window, but it has grown and morphed a bit alongside this little family.

and really, it's not the layton family's blog. it's my blog. i think ryan has posted twice. leah has hijacked it a handful of times with my permission and the rest was up to me. so i'm officially taking over.

i'm changing the name of the blog. *read: changing the url*

i don't really want our last name in the url anymore, so this little bit of virtual space will henceforth and forever be known as:


that's this. mare. eats. oats.

do i need to explain? ok, i will.

when i was little, my dad used to sing me the song, "mares eat oats, and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy. a kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?" i had no idea this was a real song. no idea. i thought it was a little tune my dad made up because my name was maren and he was creating a nickname for me. one day, i wrote him a little note and signed it, "marsidotes." no one could figure out where in the world i got this so i had to explain that it came from the song he sang to me: mares. eat. oats...mare. si. dotes.

yup. i was that slow.

but the nickname stuck and i have forever been dubbed marsidotes. and whenever someone sings that silly song around me they always emphasize that mares eat oats and then proceed to laugh aloud. i might as well play along.

so: thismareeatsoats.blogspot.com

put it in your reader. bookmark it. burn it into your brain. however you prefer to remember it, just remember it! and leave a comment. i love comments. that's all i ask for my 500 posts.